• Declaration

    class TailwindException: object.Exception;

    Tailwind related exception

  • Declaration

    class Tailwind;

    Tailwind cli manager class

    • Declaration

      string input;

      Input css file location

    • Declaration

      string output;

      Output css file location

    • Declaration

      string config;

      Tailwind config file location

    • Declaration

      string command;

      Command to run tailwind cli

    • Declaration

      bool noConfig;

      If tailwind config should not be generated and passed in params to cli or not


      Warning! This doesn't guarantee that tailwind cli will not find config location by itself

    • Declaration

      void install_configuration(string configPath);

      Writes tailwind config file to specified path or default location

    • run


      void run();

      Installs config if required (noConfig == false) and starts tailwind watch